On Friday, August 5, we signed a donation agreement with the Escobar government team, represented by the Director’s Office of the Educational Center and the Department of Industry and Trade, to support the launching of the “Technical Program in Industrial Maintenance.

The attendees included Alejandro Phatourus, Secretary of Public Revenue, Belén Hirose, on behalf of the High Education Center, and Sergio Munne, CEO of Bligraf.

Students of this high technical program are going to study at the new Educational Center of Ingeniero Maschwitz, ESCOBAR, managed by the National Technical University (UTN), together with the Municipality of Escobar and the support of the Industrial Union of Escobar (UIDE).
This program stems from the need found in our district’s industry of employees who have finished high school and need to narrow the gap between an Engineering degree and Technical degree. The Program will cover topics such as hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic, and electronic maintenance of cooling facilities, all from an updated perspective considering the integration of electronics with mechanics in modern industries.

Bligraf S.A. supports all initiatives launched to strengthen the skills of employees for the industrial sector of Escobar.

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