In August 2018, Bligraf S.A. joined the plastic cap recycling program.

The Recycling and Environment Program is one of the most important activities of the Garrahan Hospital Foundation. Created in 1999, the program kicked off with paper recycling; in 2006, plastic caps were added, with bronze keys following in 2008.

The Program’s goals are:

  • Securing economic resources to support the comprehensive development of Garrahan Hospital, a landmark institution that addresses the most serious and complex medical conditions of children across the country.
  • Contributing to the protection of the environment, encouraging adequate habits for their ongoing defense. In this regard, paper recovery in considerable amounts is a significant action with great educational repercussions.
  • Structuring a supportive project where civil society plays a major role, enriching its social capital and citizen responsibility.
  • Promoting the creation of strategic alliances amongst institutions and companies from different sectors of our society to share projects and create new, heightened expectations.

In the cafeteria of each Plant there is a mailbox where people can place the plastic caps of the beverages they consume internally and even those they want to bring from home.